Do it the right way ... with Air Safaris International
Air Safaris International

“An inspiring experience I will never forget.”

Are you interested in a great adventure vacation that takes you off the beaten path and allows you to fly as well?

Then we welcome you to join one of our fully guided, all-inclusive flying tours where you will travel with a small group of fellow adventurers, in several aircraft, as you explore from both the air and the ground.

“This was the trip of a lifetime! Well planned and expertly executed”
– D.F., Outback & Reef Tour

If you are a pilot, you can fly as PIC. If you are a passenger we can provide you with a pilot.

We take care of everything, from helping you with the paperwork before you leave home, meeting you when you arrive and right through to breakfast on the last day.  You don’t have to worry about any of the details – you can relax and just enjoy yourself.

So if you want an in-depth, in-country experience, where you can focus on having an unforgettable vacation, leaving the planning and logistics to us, then “do it the right way” with Air Safaris International.

Please visit our Tours Page to find out more about our self-fly tours and visit our Photos Page to see some great trip photos. Call us or send us an email for more information.

It will be our pleasure to have you with us.

Founder, Pilot & Tour Director

Clare McEwan
Air Safaris International Inc.

In association with TICO# 2038905


Busy schedule? Here’s a quick overview of our tours:

  • Air Safaris International presently offers numerous self-piloted tours in 3 countries, Australia, Canada and France – and we have other tours being developed.
  • We have been operating since 2004.
  • The tour lengths range from 14 days to 21 days.
  • The starting and finishing points for the tours are Brisbane, Perth (Australia), Toronto (Canada) and London (England).
  • Our standard configuration is two people in a C172, but other aircraft can be made available on request. Shared accommodation is also standard.
  • Typically we have group air safaris, which are fully supported with a Lead Pilot (a local CPL) and a Tour Director in a lead plane. Their job is to take care of all the logistics so you can relax and enjoy your adventure vacation.
  • On flying days we depart at the same time but after takeoff you can select your own cruise altitude and are welcome to look around en route as you wish – just keep the lead plane updated as to your whereabouts and your estimated arrival time at the next stop
  • Once you arrive in country, the tours are essentially all-inclusive except for avgas and one dinner. The price includes dry rental of the aircraft, a check ride, meals, accommodation, ground transfers, air service charges, ground tours and events, charts and tips.
  • We will guide you through the licencing paperwork before the tour starts
  • Air Safaris International itineraries include multiple two-night stopovers, so that everyone can slow down and truly experience the local culture. And we want our non-pilot passengers to enjoy the trip at least as much as the pilot in the left seat!
  • Our various ground tours and events are carefully selected to give you a variety of experiences and to give you the best that each location has to offer
  • If you have a group of 8 or more, then we can customize the route – for example you can choose to focus on  the Outback, the Great Barrier Reef or any other area of special –  just tell us what you want We can also do themed tours.
  • The timing of the trips is based on when the weather should be most favourable for that trip
  • We can put you in contact with others who have enjoyed Air Safaris International’s adventure vacations in the past
  • A $2,500 per person deposit will reserve your spot on the tour. Full payment is due 60 days prior to the tour start. All payments are protected in a trust account.
  • For more information contact Clare McEwan directly at

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