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Air Safaris has done an exceptional job in putting together a most remarkable flying adventure. An experience like this can only be put together with an incredible amount of planning. I don't think anyone could accomplish on their own what Air Safaris was able to create. You can trust their judgement in choosing destinations, accommodations and restaurants. If you are into a flying adventure, give this one a try. You will not be disappointed. Oh, by the way, we have also done their Australian tour and that experience led us into doing the France tour. Clare and his staff are professionals.”

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- Craig and Pat Johnson, NY, USA

“What I can truly say is that this was ‘our best trip ever’ and we were living our dreams. To see Australia from this perspective is truly unique. The tour well exceeded our expectations. More than anything I will remember our new friendships. We will go anywhere with you, Clare, and Air Safaris International.”

- John & Anne Northrup, NY, USA

This was a unique and exceedingly enjoyable trip. The variety was outstanding and Clare did an excellent job in planning and accompanying during the trip.”

- Hal Thomas, AZ, USA

"I found Air Safaris International’s website and was attracted to the Red Centre Tour, one of three or four flying tours they offer. The timing (February 2008) was perfect, and the itinerary was ideal, including all those iconic parts of Australia such as Ayers Rock, Alice Springs and an island near the Great Barrier Reef.

...The aircraft were all in great condition and performed well. We all enjoyed it immensely, flying in challenging conditions to visit places you could not see any other way in the time available. We completed an adventure that I would never have contemplated on my own. It was having the organiser and lead pilot there all the time which made it possible. Would I do it again? Yes!

We so enjoyed it that we are flying again with Clare (Air Safaris Intl:, and a group of UK pilots, this September on a tour of Eastern Canada. We will also get to meet the Canadians that we flew with last year."

- Ian Buchan, Flyer Magazine  - view full article

“With our tour guide, Clare and our lead pilot, Graham, we ventured into the Australian Outback, where we had the opportunity to fly over and visit places that most Australians never get to see. 

Unsure of how a trip like this would play out, given the normal concerns about group dynamic and leadership ability, I am able to report with genuine enthusiasm that the trip exceeded my expectations in every way

Not only did Clare organize and plan the route as expected, he also went the extra mile in seeking out the best and most original things to see and do at each stop, including a diversion due to weather that turned out to be one of the highlights of the trip!  From dining under the stars to challenging our abilities to fly into short, rough bush strips, Clare brought to us the true spirit of this most beautiful country.

I would recommend Air Safaris International and Clare without hesitation and I hope to be able to join him again in future as he plans ever new and exiting forays into the great and exciting world of aviation travel.” 

- Barbara Santamaria, Toronto, Canada – Flight Instructor

Our lead pilot, Graham, was well versed and well-prepared, I realize this is a difficult job and he held up well. Clare, out tour guide, is another great guy. He is very well prepared and has given a lot of thought to these tours. It was very much a plus having him along. As far as I could tell there were no major problems, and if there were, they were handled seamlessly.“

- C.J., NY, USA – Corporate Pilot

This was much more than a vacation. It was an experience and an adventure of a lifetime. We feel very fortunate to have been able to team up with Clare McEwan. his expertise, attention to detail, and concern for each individual made the adventure worry free and highly enjoyable.

Air Safaris exceeded all my expectations. . We had enough time at each location to see everything. The tour was put together with great thought and research down to the smallest detail.

 Having made a similar trip in 2003, with another firm no longer in business, I am able to say with some experience that Clare McEwan and Air Safaris International has put together an experience and an adventure every pilot with be happy with. My wife and I enjoyed each and every day.”

- D.A., NY, USA – Private Pilot

“As a non-pilot and a person solely interested in getting a birds-eye view of a large portion of Australia, I found this to be an inspiring experience I will never forget. With over 4000 pictures taken of a wide variety of landscapes, people and outback towns, I will have stories to tell my friends for many months to come. I definitely would recommend this trip to other non-pilots who want their horizons expanded.”

- David Daye, Toronto, Canada – Passenger

“The trip has been fantastic and exceeded my expectations. The positives were the great organization of the tour, the attention to safety, the range of places visited and the fact that tours were organized to occupy the spare time.”

- Ian Buchan,  Nottinghamshire UK – Flight Instructor

“Very well thought out. Everything went off like clockwork.”

- Reg Willick, Saskatchewan, Canada – Private Pilot

“There is absolutely no way I could have done this trip without the organization and background brought by Air Safaris. Logistically it would have been a nightmare. What I got was the trip of a lifetime; flying over varied and striking landscapes, experiencing Australian life and culture, learning about Australian history and lore [and] all without having to worry about logistics. I spent my entire time just enjoying it all and letting Air Safaris do all the work, thus packing a lot into 3 short weeks.”

- Sandra Jorgenson, Toronto, Canada – Private Pilot

“This was a trip of a lifetime! Well planned and expertly executed.”

- D.F., CONN, USA – Master Instructor

“It all went by much too quickly. I don’t think I’ve ever spent such an incredible three weeks.”

- Chris Hayball, Toronto, Canada – Private Pilot

“A wonderful experience.”

- P.J., NY, USA – Passenger

I thank my lucky stars that I was part of this fantastic adventure in a land far from home. Perhaps I can understand a little of what drove those explorers to challenge the seas and seek adventure and search our world. Thank you Clare; many times over.”

- Marjie Fast, Saskatchewan, Canada – Passenger